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School History

History of Dinthill Technical High School
Dinthill was established in 1938 as one of three practical training centers, providing skilled training in agriculture and allied trades to young men 15-17 years of age who had not qualified for admittance to secondary/grammar schools, or other institutions whose curriculum were focused on gearing students towards academics and subsequent higher learning. These young men, mainly from surrounding rural parishes, were given an opportunity to learn a trade, at which time they were gainfully employed as tradesmen, thereby getting into the job market.
In the mid-fifties, with government’s emphasis on rural development the status of the institution was changed to a Rural Secondary Technical School. While this did not influence any significant alterations to the curriculum it involved development in financing and consequently, student-intake and staffing.In September, 1961, the status was again changed this time to Dinthill Technical High School. By then, the enrolment had increased to over 200 students, which now included girls as well. Vast changes in the curriculum and the structure of the school were put into effect.
In the mid fifties, Dinthill's status was changed to that of a rural secondary school. As government focused more on the development rural communities, its role as a training institution increased. In 1961 Dinthill was further upgraded to a Technical High School and also became a co-educational institution. At this time, a significant change was made in the school's curriculum and greater emphasis was placed on technical and vocational training to meet the demands of the massive development in technology. The Government of Jamaica/U.S.A.I.D. Basic Skills project assisted Dinthill in upgrading its facilities for auto mechanics, building technology/construction and building education, but these facilities/equipment are now in need of repair and/or replacement. Other practical areas such as Home Economics, Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering subjects (machine shop, metal fabrication, sheet metal, art metal and welding) are in even greater state of despair.
Of particular concern to the school is the situation relating to the mechanical engineering facilities. The few pieces of equipment in one of the two laboratories have become obsolete and even with constant repairs and reshuffling of workable parts, they are unable to meet minimal requirements.
The current enrollment at Dinthill is over 2,000 students and steadily increasing. Approximately half of this population would use these facilities. However, as the demands on the training facilities have increased, the resources have decreased. Government assistance is at an all time low, as their priorities have shifted to other areas of education deemed needier. As a result, the school must look toward donor interest in meeting its specific needs.


Original School:
Dinthill Practical Training Centre
(Agricultural school)
Date opened:
April 1938
Year of Universal Adult Suffrage
Changed to:
Technical High School in September 1960
Became co-educational in 1961
Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica